Marijuana product review: Nature’s Nurture Healing Cannabis Salve

By Ron Garmon, Cannifornian contributor

Made with “sungrown indica,” this preparation does for tired muscles what

smoked indica does for tired brains.
“To be applied liberally to skin” read the very simple directions and this

salve contains olive oil, beeswax, arnica montana (aka wolfsbane, an old homeopathic treatment for bruises and abrasions), and St. John’s Wort, along with the faint yet discernibly pungent scent of marijuana.

All of this is of course organic and non-psychoactive, so don’t bother eating it. Anti-inflammatory properties of topicals are still medically an open question. Tinctures and salves – especially those made with CBD weed – are considered the “golden child” of medicinal marijuana use while others are still skeptical of the specific benefits of topicals.

Still, the ingredients list contains several tried-and-true specifics for sore muscles and I had them. I bothered little with preliminaries, but instead applied the buttery stuff directly on my back after showering. About an hour later I went for a long walk and my middle back discomfort – gotten by poor posture from long hours at my desk along with a renewed interest in yoga that tweaked some underused muscles – was completely gone.

Once home, I applied the salve to my shoulders and hips – other problem areas – with similar results, so count me as a tentative convert to topicals.

Nature’s Nurture Healing Cannabis Salve

Price: $40/2 oz. Jar.

The Wrap: Somewhat more effective than Tiger Balm, if pricier. 

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