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​​​​​Tincture Dosage: 
Take directly under or on top of tongue or mix with tea or juice. Suggested Dosing for chronic pain maintenance: multiply your body weight x .01 = the amount of mg of THCA per day.

 i.e.: 150 lb person we suggest 1.5 mg THCA (3 droppers full)
For new users, start with ½ dropper full, wait 20 minutes and if pain persists continue to take again as needed. Relief should last for 4-6 hours, and should be felt within minutes. Tinctures are liquid medicine for quick acting relief and are a part of many patients' daily regimens to deal with their anxiety, nausea and pain. Tinctures are a safe way to ingest potent medicine while staying alert and remain productive. Use for migraines, menstrual cramps, insomnia, asthma, muscle relaxant, increase appetite, reduce nausea and cough suppressant. This non-psychoactive THCA tincture is alcohol free and tastes delicious!

Ingredients: vegetable glycerine, organic sun-grown cannabis, distilled H20


1 oz bottle 15 mg THCA $30

Pet Formula Dosage:

Non-psychoactive 2:1 ratio (.71 mg THCA/.36 mg THC per ml) 

Safe and effective for both cats and dogs, this tincture can bring relief  from anxiety and pain. It naturally eases suffering for our elderly friends, increases appetite, and helps to control seizures. This tincture can be put on food, or treats, or directly into your pet's mouth.
Start with 5 drops for pets 20 lbs. Adjust as needed.

Ingredients: Organic sun grown whole plant cannabis, and olive oil. 

*Please note that this is not an official medical prescription or dosing recommendation. Every animal (and person) has their own particular cannabinoid receptor system that is different from the next. Please start with small dosing and slowly increase to find how much tincture is best for your pet and it's needs, which may vary. Administer dosing 2X per day, morning and night, or as needed.


180 mg THCA + 50 mg THC 2 oz jar $40

Our Tinctures and Topicals are made with Whole Plant, Organic Sun-Grown Cannabis. 
Simple Ingredients, Healing Herbs


1 oz bottle $35

21 mg THCA + 10.8 THC 


180 mg THC + 50 mg THC

2 oz jar $40

Store tinctures and salves at room temperature away from sunlight.

Salve Usage:
Apply to aching or stiff muscles and joints. Repeat 3X a day or as needed. Do not take internally. 
Reduces pain, swelling and bruising. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties and is great for those suffering from arthritis. Arnica reduces the appearance of bruises and St. John’s Wort is used for muscle and nerve pain. 

Topicals are most popularly chosen for localized non-psychoactive pain relief, muscle tension and inflammation. New testing is beginning to show potential benefits from helping with psoriasis, dermatitis and cramping. Works great for healing tattoos as well! 
Ingredients: Olive oil, organic sun-grown cannabis, beeswax, arnica Montana, St. John’s Wort