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Nature’s Nurture is a company whose focus is on providing pain relief and wellness through the use of cannabis - nature’s incredible healing herb. Our goal is to provide accessible and affordable products that are made from plants that are organic and ethically farmed, created in small batches with quality and care.

Nature's Nurture is for those who are looking for the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects. We pride ourselves in offering a natural product that is made from organically sourced cannabis, the main ingredient in our pure and safe herbal remedies. Cannabis, specifically THCA has been proven in recent studies to kill cancer cells, and can reduce pain caused by inflammation. It is an honor to take part in guiding our customers in learning more about this natural plant-based medicine.

Nature’s Nurture is a women-owned business specializing in small batch cannabis tinctures and topical healing salves.

Our products are made from all natural ingredients with no additives or solvents.

Our Philosophy

Coming from a holistic background with 25 years as a hands on healer, founder Meg Aguilar started the company with the purpose of helping her friends and clients find natural ways to heal their ailments. Since teaming up with artist and designer Brooke Kent, the two plan to bring forth an image of strength and feminine empowerment. We are independent women with backgrounds in health and healing, art, performance and music.

Our customers' response has been overwhelmingly positive; they are finding relief from pain, anxiety, insomnia and many other issues. Our clients trust Nature’s Nurture products knowing that we are providing quality herbal remedies from high grade plants made with

healing hands.

Healing through plant-based medicine is a centuries old practice. These simple methods have been passed down from generations and are now finding their way to the newly legal cannabis market. The empowerment of taking one’s health into our own hands in a natural holistic way is a sustainable and uplifting practice.

We care about our customers’ well-being. Thank you for you interest in our remedies.